A message to Durham Tech students

A message to Durham Tech Students:

As a result of last night’s presidential election results, several of our international students have expressed significant concern. Because of proposals that were featured in the recent campaign, some are worried about their ability to remain in the country. Meanwhile, others are concerned that their families and communities will fall victim to bullying, harassment, and intimidation because of their races, religions, or nationalities.  These concerns are heightened when students from other cultures or countries do not understand the American political system and believe that the President-elect can begin exercising authority at once.

While there is much yet left to know about our nation’s future immigration policies and their impact on our student body, Durham Tech will remain a bastion of learning, free expression, and a place for students from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Our commitment to education has not and will not change. We also know that whatever may happen will not take place immediately.

We are exploring all possible resources to assist those students who are worried about their futures in this country. Meanwhile, our supportive faculty and staff are here to assist any student in who has questions or concerns. We value you.

As our country navigates the next few months, I know that the entire Durham Tech community—faculty, staff, and students—will be mindful of and sensitive to the needs, hopes, and concerns of our students. Fear has no place in education, and we will continue to support and embrace our students as a community of learners determined to Do Great Things.


Thank you,

William G. Ingram