Dr. Ingram’s statement on DACA

As you probably know, on Tuesday the Attorney General for the United States announced that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program will be discontinued.  Media reports indicate that no new applications for DACA status will be entertained effective immediately, and that applications for renewal of DACA status will not be considered effective later this fall.  Accompanying this announcement was the news that the President will ask Congress to develop legislation to replace DACA by next spring.  Further adding to the uncertainty are media reports of potential judicial filings that could (on the one hand) delay or block the termination of DACA and (on the other) hasten its discontinuation. These circumstances are causing significant anxiety and concern among students who currently have DACA status as well as their friends and family members, and this anxiety will not abate any time soon.  We also know that whatever may happen will not take place immediately.

In the midst of these circumstances it is vitally important to remember that for 56 years, Durham Tech has been an open-door institution for any who seek higher education. And in spite of the uncertainty surrounding the status of a number of our current students, our mission remains the same. Our value in our students remains the same.  Our first and foremost goal remains “all students will succeed.”

We are exploring all possible resources to assist those students under DACA status who are concerned about their futures in this country, and we will continue to monitor the situation. Any student who needs or requests support can visit or call the Center for the Global Learner (CGL) on Main Campus for more information.  The CGL is located in Building 1, room 1-148.  Our staff can be reached at 919-536-7264.

While there is much yet left to know about our nation’s future immigration policies and their impact on our student body, Durham Tech will remain committed to our mission and our goals and to freedom of expression, and will remain a place for students from all backgrounds and all walks of life. Our commitment to education has not and will not change.

Bill Ingram