Statement from President Ingram: ‘We are catalyst for positive change’

Campus community,

I find myself struggling for words to describe my despair over the events of the past several days, triggered by the death of yet another African-American while in the custody of a white police officer. The images we have seen documenting the last moments of George Floyd’s life are at once all too painful and all too familiar.

And this comes at a time when inner resources have been stretched beyond imagination. Our lives have been turned upside down. Uncertainty surrounds us. We all feel some combination of displacement, isolation, frustration, fear, and anger. Still, Durham Tech continues to serve because we understand that our mission connects us to a greater purpose. We are the catalyst for positive change in our community.

As we collectively grieve over the death of George Floyd and continue to grieve over those who died before him, I personally hope that in expressing that grief our community turns away from violence. Meanwhile, with this message I want you to know we remain fully committed to providing excellent services to the residents, businesses and organizations of Durham and Orange County with an essential focus on equity. I hope you and your loved ones stay safe, secure and healthy.

Bill Ingram